We only sell the best sounding instruments.

  • Refurbished Autoharps


    We only sell the finest sounding instruments.

  • The OS73C Model A Reissue with custom fine tuner installation, all new, premium domestic strings, hand made end cover. Autoharp Works does not offer this model without fine tuners, because the instruments are in too short supply. Our specialty is the fine tuner upgrade and other premium features.

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  • This model is a favorite because the sound is bolder and more mellow than most models and is rarely disappointing. We carry only the 1975-1977 vintage, those originally 21 chord and with rounded edges, all with spruce veneer tops and modern bracing.

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  • This instrument has a beautiful coloring and finish, nice tone, and good volume. It is featured as an excellent choice and value for the new player who is not yet so sure that a handmade instrument worth many times more is really in order just yet.

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  • The same instrument and description as the Appalachian 21 but with a factory installed magnetic pickup (DeArmond design) with 1/4' connector, tone, and volume controls. Red/orange chord cover - NO LONGER AVAILABLE. COVER WILL BE BLACK, AND PICTURE WILL BE UPDATED.

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Advancement of the autoharp and promotion of interest in the instrument

This is the home page for Bob Lewis, 1992 Mountain Laurel and 1996 Winfield International Autoharp Champion, performer, teacher, writer, instrument designer/builder, and merchant.

Apart from being a business, AutoharpWorks is a service provided for the advancement of the autoharp and promotion of interest in the instrument. We provide both promotional/educational resources as well as sales of autoharp products we have developed or endorse.

Our site also attempts to provide an access hub for all things autoharp related.

Autoharpworks.com provides an online store which is your source for new and used autoharps as well as related items such as replacement strings, felt pads, repair kits, tuning equipment, and carrying cases. What you will find here are a unique selection of new Oscar Schmidt autoharps that are the personal favorites of Bob Lewis. All new autoharps are thoroughly checked out and adjusted as if they were our own and are guaranteed "ready to play". We also offer refurbished autoharps that have been carefully restored to their original look and sound.

If you have any questions about the services or products shown here, please feel free to contact us.