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Autoharp Works - Bob Lewis

Providing information, services, and sales as an autoharp specialist since 1998.

Bob has played autoharp for 40 years, won the major contests, judged, taught, authored, performed, and learned all about how to optimize an autoharp's sound and function. Rather than just be an order taker and distributor of factory built products, Bob is committed to offering only what he could sincerely recommend. Working with each customer for individual satisfaction is always the goal.

Our shop is located in upstate South Carolina near Clemson and Greenville. The majority of the repair projects are shipped to us from all over the country.

We do not ship to foreign countries.

All mail should go to PO Box 130. All other carrier shipments should go to our physical address of 2312 Liberty Hwy, Six Mile, SC 29682

Autoharp Works
2312 Liberty Hwy
PO BOX 130
Six Mile, SC 29682
864-633-6207 Mobile

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Bob Lewis