We currently offer vintage Oscar Schmidt B model autoharps with stock 21 bar chromatic setups optimized for proper operation. We also offer the nicer 21 chord models new from Oscar Schmidt. All new autoharps are thoroughly checked out and adjusted as if they were our own and are guaranteed "ready to play". To view pictures of what is currently ready to go, click on the store link above.

Product Information

  • Refurbished vintage Oscar Schmidt B model autoharp, made in USA. Often better than a new one!
  • Professional quality, T handle tuning wrenches.
  • New and used cases.
  • New Oscar Schmidt top-of-the-line models fully adjusted and ready to play.
  • Maintenance supplies and accessories.
  • Handmade, wooden chord bar set (15 bar, three button rows, maple). Installed only. Not sold separately.

Oscar Schmidt 21 bar chromatic chord bar assembly installed.

  • Fine tuner installation, which always includes new strings.
  • Refurbishment of strings or felts.
  • Diatonic conversions.
  • Chord bar action setup.
  • General repair.
  • Restoration.
  • Custom configuration of purchased instruments.

Pricing Information

  • For pricing, pictures and online ordering, visit our Store pages.
  • Call Bob Lewis at 864-868-0698 for more information or email us at contact@autoharpworks.com

Orders delivered in South Carolina are subject to additional 6.0 % State use tax.

Ordering Information

  • For pricing, pictures and online ordering, visit our Store pages.
  • Send all order information via email to contact@autoharpworks.com
  • mail to:
    Bob Lewis
    Autoharp Works
    PO BOX 130
    2312 Liberty Highway
    Six Mile, SC 29682
  • call 864-868-0698 Mobile 864-633-6207

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, personal checks, money orders, or cashiers checks, no Western Union. All payments and prices are in US funds.


Instruments are shipped via UPS to get proper tracking and the most professional handling. UPS is more convenient for us than FedEx or others. Smaller orders are generally shipped via postal services, and automatic shipping charge parameters are set accordingly. Some allowance above the actual postage is made for packaging and handling costs.