Should I pick a model that includes fine tuners?

All about fine tuners, including whether to include or add them.

Should I pick a model that includes fine tuners?

Postby Bob Lewis » Sat Nov 10, 2007 11:16 am

Ideally, yes, but the standard Oscar Schmidt models that include fine tuners function so poorly that one is better off without fine tuners. They have become the province of the professional person who prepares instruments and customizes otherwise standard models. For example, an OS73C with fine tuners added as custom work would be using custom parts that are far better quality than the Oscar Schmidt parts.

So there isn't any blanket statement, a comment about fine tuners that applies in all cases.

If dealing with a professional person with real expertise and prepared to give you a product with some integrity, then definitely take the fine tuners. Once accustomed to their capabilities you will look askance at any autoharp without them. They make tuning easier, faster, and more precise. That in turn encourages you to play more often, since the tuning chore is not as discouraging.

Fine tuners cost more, but generally a good autoharp costs more than one might expect anyway. Eliminating fine tuners is just a way to cut expense and to have a price that lures more people. There can be exceptions, but an autoharp to be taken seriously has fine tuners at whatever price is required.
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