fine tuning mechanism

All about fine tuners, including whether to include or add them.

fine tuning mechanism

Postby Bob Lewis » Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:09 pm

Hello Bob,
On your Autoharpworks website, you talk about and describe your fine tuning mechanism. Try as I might, I cannot visualize it. Is there a picture on the web that illustrates it?
I may be interested in adding it to my autoharp, but I'd like to have an idea of what I'd be getting in to first.


I don't have pictures and in any case think it would require an illustration, a line drawing, to adequately convey how fine tuners work. Along with useful information, there is an excellent illustration in The Autoharp Owner's Manual on page 17. To get this book go to

Each string is threaded through its own rocker or "cam", and each cam is controlled by its own adjustment screw. The screws thread into a mating common base bar that is mounted on the frame with wood screws.

The tuning adjustment points are cap screws, which have a fitting for an Allen wrench. That provides for turning the screws to make the gradual and controlled tuning adjustment.

The fine tuner set replaces the slotted aluminum anchor bar that is otherwise set into the top at the base of the strings.

Much more could be said about fine tuners, but this would be the conceptual basics, I believe.
Bob Lewis
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