customizing a chromatic chord layout and selection

Tuning the array of strings differently than standard. Diatonic and semi-chromatic configurations. Other reinventions of the autoharp involving the string and note arrays.

customizing a chromatic chord layout and selection

Postby Bob Lewis » Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:43 pm

The article linked below focuses on the chromatic done with three rows of buttons but primarily 15 bar. The bar set may be 21 chord in lieu of a costly custom bar set, but all the important stuff occurs in the first 15 bars in an effort to keep essential playing away from harmonics. The reality is 18 bar, because the addition of three diminished 7th chords is assumed. There are at least 3 chords on a 21 bar that are pretty much throwaways, given some quite disconcerting harmonics.

15 Chord Chromatics

linked document was revised 7/27/08

The article, several pages long, develops how I have chosen to configure a set of three chromatics, potentially five, all with a different key grouping focus. So far, all are 21 bar, but I have the bar sets to make them 15 or 18. I like the OS 21 bar plastic cover, so I simply have chords I may essentially ignore like many other players do.
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