If you would like to register and see the rest of the forum

What to expect from this facility and tips on how to use it.

If you would like to register and see the rest of the forum

Postby Bob Lewis » Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:25 pm

revised 1/24/2010

Registrations are very much appreciated. Your posts, whether questions or sharing of information are what give life to the forum. Merely visiting and reading is valuable.

Online registration has been disabled, since spammers trying to get in provide too much work for an administrator. Please write directly to me to arrange registration.

1) Provide your full name. It will not be disclosed to other subscribers.

2) Choose a user name of 3-20 characters. Numbers, spacers, and letters are allowed. Upper and lower case are allowed.

3) Choose a password of 6-30 characters. Mixed letters and numbers are required. Upper and lower case letters are allowed.

4) Indicate the email address that should be registered, not necessarily the one shown in your message.

5) Send mail to boblewis@autoharpworks.com. Including "Register" in the subject would be helpful but is not essential. We'll figure it out.

6) You will receive a reply to test the email address provided. Once you reply back, we will be all done, and your registration will be activated.


Until one has accumulated 10 posts approved without question, all posts are moderated, not just for new subscribers. That trust to post appropriately can subsequently be revoked without justifying my concern. That post count threshold of 10 is an automatic setting to help make the demands of administration and moderating realistic. I would rather not be expected to make exceptions for people with whom I am previously acquainted. I will be an equal opportunity annoyer, but our group will be better off for it. The test is subjective but pretty liberal. I don't have to agree with a poster's opinion. I am just looking for things I care to host, appropriate to the stated purpose here. Without adequate moderating, a group like Cyberpluckers has proven it can be unfriendly, abusive, unsupportive, and a stage for some who really don't serve the purpose, talking about weird or goofy stuff instead of autoharps per se, so we don't want that here. Rather than single anyone out or suffer surprises, everything from everyone is moderated to a point (10 posts). That could change if traffic ever makes post approvals too demanding.

Once registered and activated

Self promotion or promotion of other businesses is not welcome without other redeeming participation and purpose. This site does not host promotion of its competitors, although the principals are welcome to participate appropriately.

The discussion area is fully moderated. That means that posts will be treated well (or else) and that posts will be reasonably appropriate (or else). So feel supported in whatever you want to say and with whom you want to associate.

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