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Using this facility

Postby Bob Lewis » Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:32 pm

This forum is attached to the Autoharp Works site at This FAQ section replaces the former HELP feature of the site and is linked directly to that area of the home page. This information area will provide answers to common questions or generally the basic information that an autoharp player would need.

While this section appears to be a discussion forum, the interactive features are turned off. One may read only, does not have to register, and does not have to log in.


There is another complete section that is a discussion area for registered users. It is not just an "ask Bob" or "please Bob" section. There may be any number of quite knowledgeable people who are welcome to share what they can and discuss anything on topic.

Registration will not result in any promotional contact. Feel free to register, after which you will be able to view and participate in discussion with other players. You will also be able to post questions or information about your music in a topical area appropriate to it and your level of playing.

To register, please follow instructions provided here:

Note that there are some individuals known to be a drag on other venues or somehow determined to be unfriendly to Bob Lewis and Autoharp Works. Rest assured those folks are not welcome to register and spoil this venue also. Therefore, some may receive a notice that their registration attempt has been refused. This will not be just more of the same dysfunctional community.

Once registered and activated

Self promotion or promotion of other businesses is not welcome without other redeeming participation. This site does not host promotion of its competitors, although the principals are welcome to participate appropriately.

The discussion area is fully moderated. That means that posts will be treated well (or else) and that posts will be reasonably appropriate (or else). So feel supported in whatever you want to say and with whom you want to associate.
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