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strap buttons

Postby Bob Lewis » Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:16 pm

I want to attach a strap on my autoharp, and I'm not sure where is the best position to attach it.


The picture linked below clearly shows the conventional strap button locations at opposite ends of the top (treble or short) string and bottom (bass) string respectively. These are the same locations as used on the 1975 Appalachian OS45C, the first model to feature strap buttons and fully optimized for playing held upright. Thus the term "Appalachian" position or playing style. The US vintage Centurions OS100 also featured strap buttons in the same locations. I don't believe Oscar Schmidt has featured strap buttons since ending its own production in the US, so I have to add them to every new instrument.

Chromaharps, certainly of recent vintage, include strap buttons but in highly questionable positions. That layout is not a good example to follow.

picture of installed strap buttons

Note that alternately placing buttons on the side of the frame can punch a hole in your case and functionally doesn't really accomplish much. Consider that idea carefully. There is a very small area on the bass side that is okay for the case and only works for model B. Placing the treble side button on the side of the frame becomes necessary sometimes, if a luthier 'harp like an Orthey provides no real estate for the button on the face of the instrument. That is harmless on the treble side of the instrument, because the case never bears the weight at that point.

You also need to measure twice and drill once.
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