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String set for modern autoharps


Use this item for conventional autoharps with 36-38 strings.

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Use this item for conventional autoharps with 36-38 strings.

Inquire about any custom set or set for a luthier-built instrument.

Model A strings (old black autoharps) are available as a separate item (See String Sets category).

A word about the meaning of "Vintage Model B". That is a set that is a very close reproduction of E & O Mari sets as were used on USA vintage production in the latter 1980s. Those are very much the same specs as Orthey Code Red strings, except the windings on strings 6-14 are steel rather than bronze. It is believed that the steel windings have a stronger sound and that the strings last longer. The lighter gauging of the "vintage" wound (bass) set makes the set essentially a "light" version. The set would then be recommended for use on "tender" instruments such as the US vintage OS100 Centurion.

Note that Chromaharp is actually a whole family of brand names/logos, all based on the same underlying instrument. For example, the "Trophy" brand, typically without any logo or label, is the same as a Chromaharp and uses the same strings. If in doubt, please inquire.

Chromaharp strings are provided with plain loops, not with the grommets like the original strings. Be assured that they work fine and that there has been no mistake.

The default as shown is "Model B".

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